Context of The saints imperfection, or, A sermon : wherein is made apparent 1. That in Christian religion there may be a true pretence, with a reall intention, without sufficient intention ... 2. That neither covenant nor promise &c. are sufficient in the way of salvation without a methodicall ... proceeding therein, 3. That knowing Christians are to be taught the first principles of religion, 4. That it is a beleevers duty to advantage his spirituall estate ... 5. That neither priviledge nor large capacity, seconded with saving grace, can exempt the elect from a losse in spirituall affairs except heed and paines be taken, 9 [i.e. 6]. That neither nobility, nor honour, knowledge nor vertue may detaine a minister from telling a people of their sad and dangerous condition : wherunto is added an use of direction or information unto all hearers, by Jo. Brookbank .., (electronic book)