Context of [A] visition [sic] of love unto all people, : (in whose hearts there are any true honest tender desires, begotten towards God and his righteousness,) in what sect or opinion or profession soever they be, in which is not in the Light; especially unto such who hath felt something of the workings of the life and power of God in them, and yet notwithstanding hath been led by the subtilty of the Serpent, from the life and power of God into many sects and opinions and forms, which are without the life and power of God; and herein the subtil workings, and devices of the Serpent whereby he deceives the hearts of the simple is clearly made manifest. And this is written in tender love unto all of you who feel something stirring in you, that is not satisfied with all the words that ever you have heard from man or woman, nor yet with all the practices and performances that ever you have practiced and performed in all the sects and opinions and profession that ever you have been in. And here the pure and living way is declared, whereby every particular who returns to this way, and believe and wait in it shall come to receive a particular satisfaction unto that in them (the seed) which never yet they could witness satisfied in all the sedcts and opinions they have been in, which is out of Christ the light, which is the new and living way.

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