Context of The gazetteer's: or, Newsman's interpreter : being a geographical index of all the considerable cities, patriarchships, bishopricks, universities, dukedoms, earldoms, and such like: imperial and hance towns, ports, forts, castles, &c. in Europe. Shewing in what kingdoms, provinces, and counties they are; to what prince they are now subject; upon, or nigh what rivers, bays, seas, mountains, &c. they stand; their distances (in English miles) from several other places of note; with their longitude and latitude, according to the best and approved maps. Of special use for the true understanding of all modern histories of Europe, as well as the present affairs; and for the conveniency of cheapness and pocket-carriage, explained by abbreviations and figures. The fourth edition, corrected and much enlarged with the addition of a table of the births, marriages, &c. of all the kings, princes and potentates of Europe. By Laurence Eachard, A.M. of Christ's College in Cambridge